The Event

The Egypt Building Materials Summit 2019 taking place on 6th & 7th February at Cairo, Egypt is a decisive platform for the future focused innovative leaders.

The platform will bring together 250+ leading investors, developers, architects, cities & regional authorities, service providers, consultants, lawyers, GIS firms, and solution providers from across the globe to discuss the critical issues and innovations affecting the building materials.

This unconventional conference is designed to improve facility operations and building material management across Egypt, while addressing ways to overcome key challenges facing industry today. EBMS 2019 aims to promote a roadmap for future development to echo the evolution in the industry.

Conference Highlights

  • How new Cairo project will impact building material suppliers
  • Responding to rising costs through material innovation
  • Role of localizing raw materials as prices soar
  • Barriers to effective material management
  • Evolution of material science
  • Impact of government regulatory policies on building material suppliers.
  • Applications of advanced materials in renewable energy technologies
  • Role of programmable cement in transforming the industry
  • Green building materials
  • Has lack of R & D resulted in stagnation of innovations in building materials over the decades

Market Overview

Egypt building material industry have witnessed a remarkable growth in the past couple of years. With over 1400 active projects and government approval for colossal project such as New Cairo City project worth 16.5bn and gazillions of infrastructural developments, the industry is expected to witness a tremendous growth in the coming years. Excessive demand for building materials have paved way for immense competition, so has the need for sustainable development better coined as “Green Building Materials”. Although, there are plethora of events on constructions but there is no specific event that caters only to the need of the hour – i.e. building materials.

Egypt Building Material Summit 2019 is a platform where architects, builders, developers, the government can meet directly with the suppliers in a B2B setting especially designed for them to do business.


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